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asp or asp.net

By required ·

I wanted to get your opinon. For a new web developer starting out, would you recommend they learn classic ASP, or should they just start with ASP.net?

Best Regards.

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CGI first

by Jay Eckles In reply to asp or asp.net

Assuming you already have client-side technologies under your belt, specifically HTML and Javascript, then I would suggest you start on the server side with CGI. There are a few reasons for this:

1. It will leverage any existing knowledge of a programming language you already have. A CGI can be written in basically any language that can be compiled on the web server's platform.
2. If you don't alraedy know a programming language, you can choose any language you want to learn...C, C++, Perl, VB, etc.
3. It will teach you the basics of server side programming which will be appicable in nearly every other server-side technology: HTTP requests and responses, content-types, querystrings and name/value pairs, etc.
4. There are an amazingnumber of resources for tutorials, sample code, etc. Essentially every web server supports CGI, so no matter what setup you currently use, you can write a CGI.

Once you have that foundation, you'll be able to more easily move to any server-side mechanism - ASP, ASP.Net, JSP, Servlets, PHP, etc. You'll actually understand what's going on rather than just memorize a bunch of language constructs.

Good luck.


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by Brent_D In reply to CGI first

It is a good idea, but is it nessary. I learned on classic ASP, I think its a good idea to have a solid knowledge of http requests and responses and content types. But I never had a need to go into headers until I was well developed asp programmer. I would say go right into asp.net, and learn that first, then ado.net. Once you are a well developed web developer you might actually have a use for header's and it wont be hard to pick that up

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by webdvlpr In reply to hmmm

I just completed the course 'Developing ASP.NET Web Apps using Visual Studio.NET'
and I found it to be pretty helpful.

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by billbolte.com In reply to asp or asp.net

if you're starting from a clean slate, no existing asp apps to deal with, i would go straight for .net. classic asp will eventually go away, sooner rather than later. the .net platform is so much better than the old classic asp paradigm.

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go with asp.net

by frostbite In reply to asp or asp.net

if you're not hindered with supporting any existing pages made with ASP. Go ahead with ASP.NET

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