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ASP versus COM objects

By fawzia71 ·
I'm trying to research when to convert an ASP to a COM objects. I'm familiar with why to create COM objects but a collegue of mine is propogating the idea of converting our entire ASP application to COM objects.

Even though I've read somewhere that this is bad design and COM objects are made for coding business rules only and for re-usuability and not when user interaction is required, I'd appreciate reasons or resources I can check up so that I can provide a researched view to my management.

Thanks in advance.


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ASP versus COM objects

by andrew In reply to ASP versus COM objects

Here's a link that talks about the whole distributed architecture issue:


(make sure there are no spaces in the URL)

Now, this is my 2 cents:

I use COM components for more than just business logic. COM components are compiled, so they execute faster then ASP scripts (even on IIS 5). I think that logical tier separation is important, which means there should be a dedicated presentation tier component that is responsible for generating HTML. My favorite technique is to have a tier that takes data from the business layer (which processes data appropriately from the data access tier) and applies an XSLT transform to generate the HTML, and send it directly to the browser (ObjectContext("Response").Write. If I want to change the presentation, all I have to do is plug in a new XSLT script file.

One last bit before I get off my soap box:
I've found that flexibility and maintainability are almost as important as performance. I've worked for a few dotcoms, and the business plan always changes. A component-based approach is easier to reorganize than modifying all you ASP files.

If you email me, I'd be happy to go on and on...

Good luck with your design.

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ASP versus COM objects

by fawzia71 In reply to ASP versus COM objects
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ASP versus COM objects

by fawzia71 In reply to ASP versus COM objects

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