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    ASP vs. in-house?


    by markspencer ·

    I manage the computer set up for a chain of three nursing home. Each currently has a Unix server and there are a total of 120 PC’s (95/98) among the homes. We have selected new software which will require NT server. We are also wanting to installemail and internet access across the organization.

    The Question is:
    Would you
    a. outsource to ASP for all services
    b. Do in-house full NT network
    c. do in-house hybrid NT/Netware network
    d. ???

    Why or why not??


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      ASP vs. in-house?

      by spiceman ·

      In reply to ASP vs. in-house?

      How do you currently manage the 3 sites by yourself?

      If you do use ASP what will your role be reduced to?

      The setup up does not seem to require an expensive ASP in addition to your services. If the users are already using 95/98 I would use a Windows 2000 server instead of NT as it is slowly being phased out as more corporations move to Windows 2000 (may take 3 years).

      The services you would require would be user problem/help desk type of resolutions. If you are able to cope now, you should have no problems after the initial teething and learning curve problems.

      There is a lot of work involved in setting up internet access and email if you have not done it before and hence if you feel your uncomfortable doing then ASP would be the solution but you need to get involved in every step so then you have the option of taking over once things are running smoothly.

      Alternatively is to start the project with a server and several PCs and run a pilot network, email and internet service.

      You will need to consider in detail the:
      1. ISP you will use
      2. The type of access – DSL, cable modem, T1
      3. If you will have backup domain controllers at each site
      4. connection speed between sites. How are they connected under UNIX system currently?
      5. Total cost of ASP including all the new equipment you will need.

      You could get integrators to set everything up for you and provide help for a while until you become very familiar with the system.

      My option would be to try to learn to do it myself as pilot run maybe with a DSL connection within one site and evaluation copies of say Exchange 2000 and if that works fine than think about the whole organization.

      Good luck.

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        ASP vs. in-house?

        by markspencer ·

        In reply to ASP vs. in-house?

        I have one other person for support. Unix systems not currently connected – Dial up only. We have VARs to help install/train. We want to do it in house to get experience with networks.

        Thanks for your thoughts. You get the points cause you are the only one who answered!

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      ASP vs. in-house?

      by markspencer ·

      In reply to ASP vs. in-house?

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