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Aspiring Network Security Specialist - I Have Some Questions

By Cipherlox ·
I'm currently working on a college project and have a few questions regarding the career that I am currently putting myself through school for (Network Security Specialist). I was wondering if I could get some professional IT input regarding the following line of questions?:

1. Why did you choose this career?

2. What do you like most about it?

3. What do you dislike most about it?

4. How much should/could an individual pursuing this career choice expect as a starting salary?

5. How much should an experienced worker (say 5-10 years? worth of experience) expect as a salary?

6. What courses did you take in college or certification tracks that helped you the most to prepare for this career?

7. What type of projects should a person expect to be involved with this type of career?

8. If you could do everything over again, would you do anything different?

9. What type of resources i.e. other persons, businesses, technology magazines, etc? would you recommend a person research to better understand the technology involved with this work?

10. What was your lifelong dream when it came to pursuing this career (if you had any) and have you reached that goal yet?

11. If you haven?t reached that goal yet, what are you doing or going to do in order to reach it?

12. I?ve often read, experienced and heard that it is vitally important for a IT tech of any sort to have ?soft skills? in any IT field. What is your take on this type of input?

13. If there are any sources of information for improving soft skill; what would those sources be?

14. The college I am attending at the moment is very emphatic that their students are well versed and taught in Professional Development Program (PDP) type of course work in order to enhance their ability to work well with others. What value do you see a company placing on this type of training? If you?re an IT leader, how much value do you place on it yourself?

Although this is a college paper that I'm writing, I do value your "real world" experience.

Thanks for any inputs you have!

Aspiring Network Security Specialist (in training)

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I may only speak

by santeewelding In reply to Aspiring Network Security ...

To soft skills.

Template is not the way to go.

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Same Boat

by MilMan2279 In reply to Aspiring Network Security ...

I also am a student working on the same degree field. I have 12 courses left to complete and I am enjoying it.

I do have some information for you on some of your questions. Though my experience is very limited my father helped me decide my program study because he has been in the IT field for nearly 31 years.

My first plan was to complete my degree in Network Engineering but he adivsed me that I would have more opportunities with employment if I go for my second option which was Systems Security.

He said if I do that I can get a job with a variety of businesses and the government. I am prior military and my current plan is to work for the DOD.

He also advised that I also complete certificate programs as well as my degree. So I am currently working on my CCNET certificate.

I searched the pay scales on an Tech Republic article yesterday and it says that with 10+ years of experience you can make an average 80K a year within the US.

I am currently enrolled in my business requirements and have yet to start on the good stuff.

I have always wanted to work in the IT field. My father has done it for 31years and he has enjoyed it. The only reason why he hasn't retired yet is because he is pursuing his dream of becoming a professional golfer and that costs money.

My goal is to provide my wife and kids with a good life but at the same time feeling as if I am contributing to their future.

That is the link to the Salary Article I read yesterday... Hope this helps you out a bit.

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