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Asp.net database issue with OLEDB

By darrell.shotwell ·
Why do I keep getting this message when I am the only one using the database and I have Administrative priv to the server and the mdb.
The Microsoft Jet database engine cannot open file '\\Server\inetpub\wwwroot\DB_APP_Dir\Dev_App.mdb'. It is already opened exclusively by another user, or you need permission to view its data'.
If I open the file as a local file on my development computer, it does not give me the error. The server where the file exists is already configured as a webserver and is hosting the companies webpage.

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by todd.barr In reply to Asp.net database issue wi ...

I'm assuming this is an Access database. If it is, then it is feasible if you copy and pasted it over, that it became read only.

Also, make sure that no one else has it open.

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by rclark In reply to Asp.net database issue wi ...

Make sure your iwam_machine and Iwam_user for IIS has the proper access rights to your database file. Remember that when you go through the web server, it is the server's machine or guest account that is accessing the database, not you, even if you are the one signed on. When you open it locally, it uses your profile. When you open it remotely, it uses the machine built in accounts.

If you are using odbc drivers, check your connection string. Are you imbedding a profile in either the connection, connection string, or the open to the database? Any one of these can also cause access problems if the user profile used does not have correct rights to the mdb.

Of course, it may be something totally different. Disregard these suggestions if your situation does not fit these suggestions.

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by bryan.davis In reply to Asp.net database issue wi ...

If you are accessing the database over the network, you have to give your asp.net user account network credentials.

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