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    ASP.NET Global.asax file


    by maryweilage ·

    This week’s .NET e-newsletter explains how you can develop robust apps with the Global.asax file, which provides a way to respond to application or module level events in one central location.

    Were you familiar with the Global.asax file before reading this e-newsletter? If not, do you plan to start utilizing this file in your apps?

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      Deleting global.asax

      by jesper ·

      In reply to ASP.NET Global.asax file

      The global.asax file is optional as written in this article. Be aware though that if you use any kind of Session objects, you need a global.asx with at least an empty Session_Start event procedure. If not present, IIS will create af nw session on every request to the server.

      I struggled with this for some time before I discovered this.

      So I am already using this file, all though it doesn’t have any coding in it. That said i wil probably implement my own logging scheme, via the Application_BeginRequest event next time i make a website with a need for specialized logging.


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