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By beichinger ·
I have tried numerous things to try not to receive the following error. I
rebooted, I deleted it all out (even from the registry) and started from
scratch, checked the registry to be sure the paths are correct (they are)...
Does anyone have any suggestions?

Error reads:

Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a01ad'

ActiveX component can't create object

/ex/forms/merchandising/upload_merchandising_file.asp, line 10

The file in question:


Dim mySmartUpload
Dim intCount

'Object Creation
Set mySmartUpload = Server.CreateObject("aspSmartUpload.SmartUpload")


'Save the files with their original name
intCount = mySmartUpload.Save("/upload_files")

'Display confirmation
response.write(intCount & "File uploaded.")


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by gbworld In reply to aspSmartUpload

A couple of reasons.

1. The component is on the system, but not properly registered. You covered this.

2. The component is corrupt. Not sure on this (redownload if so).

3. DLL registered, but without a path, and is not in the system path. This means the server cannot find the component. You covered this.

4. The DLL does not have proper permissions for the person accessing it. On the Internet, this is most likely the IUSR_ComputerName account.

In your case, permissions is a probable cause, as is a corrupt DLL. However, it may not be the smartUpload component that is the troublemaker here. It may be a component it relies on. This is a bit harder to track. My guess of a culprit is the Scripting Runtime. If the component was compiled against newer versions, it would break when a service pack was applied. Check the version of scrrun.dll. If it is older than version 5.10.xxxx (5010 the latest), go to www.microsoft.com/scripting and download the latest scripting engine.

I have personally experienced the Scripting Runtime ****. There may be other components that the runtime uses, like wininet.dll, etc., but this one is a known quantity.

Gregory A. Beamer

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by beichinger In reply to aspSmartUpload

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by beichinger In reply to aspSmartUpload

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