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ASR on floppy

By Kuryous1 ·
Hello all. Happy New Year.
Easy one. Where can I get info about using ASR in W2K3 without using a floppy since my server don't have one. (USB,Flash Drive,CD..?) Also, what were your experiences? Many Thanks in advance...

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by ReWrite In reply to ASR on floppy

Unfortunately you are going to have to have a floppy to use the asr disk, there's no work-around. You can save the files anywhere (like to a network share) but to use them the system is always going to look at the floppy.

One solution is to get a usb floppy and boot from that (if your bios supports it). You might also need this ms hotfix if the system can't find the files:



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by Kuryous1 In reply to

That's pretty much what I figured but threw it out there anyway! Thanks!!

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by razz2 In reply to ASR on floppy

You can preform the ASR backup without a floppy, but not the

The following article has this quote:

"What if you have no floppy disk drive on your machine?
Fortunately, you can still use ASR to back up your system, but its
a bit of a workaround. During the ASR backup process copies of
these asr.sif and asrpnp.sif files are also saved in the
%SystemRoot%\Repair folder on your server. So, when you
receive a prompt at the end of the backup process to insert a
floppy, simply ignore the prompt and instead copy asr.sif and
asrpnp.sif from Repair to a network share on another server (one
that has a floppy disk drive installed). Then, copy the files from
the share on that server to a blank floppy you insert into its
drive, and you now have a working ASR floppy for your backup.
Then, go buy a USB external floppy drive, because you?ll need it
if you ever have to rebuild your original server from the backup
set you created. In other words, you can perform ASR backup
without a floppy, but you cannot perform an ASR restore without

Here is the link:

Choose this link on that page:

14?Jun? Windows Server Hacks 12, 77, and 98 O'Reilly M...

Good Luck,


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by Kuryous1 In reply to

Also, thanks to you as well. Pretty much the same as above. Kudos to both.

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You can restore from ASR without floppy

by Rae.Simpson In reply to

XP can be recovered from an ASR backup without a floppy. The procedure is to do an install of Windows XP on the machine to be restored. Once Windows is up and running, use the backup utility to restore from the BKF file created by the ASR backup.

Anybody tried this with other MS operating systems?

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by Kuryous1 In reply to ASR on floppy

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