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Asrock motherboard backplate

By rfishpool ·
Could anyone advise me of where to get hold of an i/o shield backplate, for an asrock p4s61 motherboard?
The board is micro atx
Tried all over the net, and can't seem to find one with correct layout.
really struggling now!

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by TheChas In reply to Asrock motherboard backpl ...

I'd start with your local computer seller who builds systems in house and has or does carry asrock boards. They might have a spare I/O shield laying around, or might be able to order one for you.

The last time I needed an I/O shield for a motherboard I ended up using the contact link on the motherboard manufactures web site. They emailed me back an order form and pricing. Just because they do not list them on the web site does not mean that the motherboard manufacture does not have parts available for sale.

I have also used an I/O shield that was close to what I needed and modified it to fit using drills, punches and a nibbler.

Here are 2 sites I found with a variety of I/O shields:


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by Nilt In reply to Asrock motherboard backpl ...

I've never had good luck with Asrock support when I see their stuff myself. I have made backplanes from thin aluminum before. You can make a template from postcard type cardstock then transfer that to aluminum. If it's a pressure snap-in one, the trick is to leave a tab or two to secure it even if the case isn't designed for screw mounted plates. Make sure you completely remove all hardware from the case before drilling any screw holes, though.

Granted that takes a bit of work and some power tools but it's your best shot if you can't get a plate from Asrock themselves.

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by mjd420nova In reply to Asrock motherboard backpl ...

The last time I ran across a strange back panel,
I had to make my own. A trip to the hardware
store where I purchased a piece of thin aluninum
and traced the patern unto paper first and
transfered to the metal and cut it out with a
nibbler. The local Fry's had some plates, but none were exactly right. I've worked on many
units that didn't have any at all. That resulted in a massive dust build up in those
connections and finally led to failure.

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by TheChas In reply to Asrock motherboard backpl ...

Got your message.

Looks like I may have lead you to a dead (or at least problematic) end. It looks like GeneSys primarily sells to the industrial computer OEM market.

On the Genesys web page, click on the Contact link at the top on the page.

This will bring up a list of distributors. Depending on where you live, click on the appropriate link and see where that takes you.

Since they did not list a US distributor, if you are in the US, try the International Sales link.


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I have a i/o plate

by rodbw In reply to Asrock motherboard backpl ...

If you are still looking for a backplate for an asrock p4s61 I have one off a mobo that not working

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by ziggscomputer In reply to I have a i/o plate

Please contact me at soon as you can with the ASROCK Motherboard I/O Shield I may wish to purchase it. E-mail is

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