ASRock P4S55FX SATA mainboard problems

By zack247 ·
i have an ASRock P4S55FX+ SATA motherboard, but no video output comes out! i have tried using a Matrox video output card, but no luck. what's wrong with it? i have read the manual through and through, but still it doesn't work. it has:

-pentium 4 cpu
-Macron power MPT-301 300w psu
-msi 52x32x52x cd/rw drive
-no hard drive
-no floppy drive
-no agp video card
-matrox video output card
-amibios bios
-case from otv electronics(i think)
-cooler master case fan
-no ram

i checked all of the connections and jumpers, but nothing appears on screen!

please help

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No Ram

by cpubymike In reply to ASRock P4S55FX SATA main ...

Can't post w/o it
cant plug and play w/o a post or the bios booting,
drop in a cheap stick

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by zack247 In reply to No Ram

ok i will try that. i have a friend who has an unused stick of sdram. thanks

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Why so many missing components?....

by OldER Mycroft In reply to ASRock P4S55FX SATA main ...

At the very least there ought to be 512MB RAM minimum.

You'll find your 300W PSU runs out of puff very quickly, as soon as you begin populating the missing components.

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by zack247 In reply to Why so many missing compo ...

i didn't have them. i used them on one of my other computers, and i don't have the money to buy more right now. i got the motherboards used, and the psu i had gotten with the computer was not so good anymore. it may have been a 400w psu, but something was rattling around inside, so i didn't trust it. i'll have to see if i can find a better power supply to accomidate all of the stuff.

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if no onboard video and no external card video

by CG IT In reply to ASRock P4S55FX SATA main ...

sounds like a bad/dead motherboard.

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that's the way it is

by zack247 In reply to if no onboard video and n ...

it wasn't designed with any video out ports. search up the model on google images and you'll see

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