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Asset Management

By rmurphy ·
Just look to see what everyone is using to manage their assets. I want to find a functional alternative to the spreadsheets we currently use.

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MS Access

by ozi Eagle In reply to Asset Management

I have found that MS Access has various templates, and have used the assets one quite effectively.
There are several versions, the one I found best is the one that cames with Access 97, though a quick look at the 2000 and 2003 templates "on my computer" "Asset management" appear to be similar.

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other ideas?

by rmurphy In reply to MS Access

any other ideas? or other templates to check out?

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IT asset management

by gurnage In reply to other ideas?

You might want to try NetSupport DNA for hw/sw inventory instead of using spreadsheets. It uses SQL server on the back end for storing data/reporting.

There is a free trial:

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by The Admiral In reply to Asset Management

I use access, domino and visual basic to get the info I need out.

I also use an auction company to get rid of the older systems. We wack the hard drives, ensure that there is not technology that can not be used elsewhere in the company, and have them auction the stuff off.

I also went and got my auctioneers license - so I can do it myself on a Saturday.

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Asset Management with centralized CMDB

by jamesy In reply to Asset Management

Look for products like Altiris.

They offer all their solutions from Asset Mgt, Helpdesk, Client and Server, Security Management solutions that all integrate into the central web consiole with SQL backend.

It means you can purchase any solution and add more as your business expands or the requirement arises.

ITIL verified, Central CMDB, Modular, central reporting, 100s of canned reports and ability to customize reports etc.

Anyway, there are plenty of tools out there. You need to find the right people to scope, design and implement solutions to your requirements utilizing;

1. People
2. Processes
3. Technology

Good luck


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BMC, HP, CA, Tivoli, Infra, Marval....

by twohills In reply to Asset Management with cen ...

There are lierally dozens of them. they all manage assets, they all have their own proprietary schemas...

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Interesting discussion of "ITIL verified"

by twohills In reply to Asset Management with cen ...

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