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I started with a new company a few weeks ago and they have been tracking their assets on a spreadsheet. Actually, one guy has been tracking only laptops- about 150 of them. I come from a large corporate atmosphere and am used to updating the asset database, but I've never been the asset database guy- there was always a group dedicated to that. The companies I have worked for have had a web-based application to do this.

My teammate is the one that has been keeping his assets, but he really wants a better way to do it, so I know he will be on-board for just about anything. He even mentioned an Access Database, but I am not extremly proficient in that. He has a lot of data he wants to keep track of including RAM and size of HD.

I have done some research on products, but there are just too many and it's hard to know what would be a good one, especially a free or inexpensive one.

The question is, is there a free or inexpensive product I can use to at least start tracking assets? Even a good Access DB Template would be better than what he's been doing.

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by jtakiwi In reply to Asset Management

There are tons of them out there, just google asset management. The best types of asset management tools are agent based vs. the network discovery type (these depend on name resolutions, so may be problematic if you support multiple sites or subnets. There are a few sw companies in India, comes to mind right off, that make inexpensive asset tools. of course this and alot of other do much more than that as you'll see. Another option is to exploit your active directory as basic pc info is in their. If you know scripting, you can collect WMI information w/ some easily obtainable VB scripts and dump the info into any database, assuming you have the skills.

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by jamielboyd In reply to Asset Management

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