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Asset Management software?

By EMJ65 ·
I'm looking for asset management software the polls domains for networked hardware (that doesn't cost a fortune). We have under 1,000 devices, and do not currently have an asset management procedure in place, which we need for obvious reasons. What does everyone else use for this purpose, and how much did you pay for it initially, and what maintenance costs have you incurred over the time you've used it? I am doing research on my own, but it's always good to hear from those actually using the software. Any information will be appreciated. Thank you.

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Try Track-It

by FitNut In reply to Asset Management software ...

Track-It (now owned by Inuit) includes an asset management feature in addition to the core helpdesk management piece. We've been pretty happy with it.

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by ubergeek In reply to Try Track-It

We're currently using Altiris. We haven't gotten the asset management implemented yet, but will be doing so over the next year.

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Helpdesk software

by EMJ65 In reply to Altiris

We are actually already using helpdesk software (ProjecTrak), but I didn't like their Asset Management module. Theirs called for a piece of software be installed on each device, as opposed to polling the network to get the info. So what I'm really looking for is purely an asset management software, not something that works with a helpdesk. Thank you for your responses.

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Look into ITIL and Service Desk Products

by Tech Exec In reply to Helpdesk software

In recent years, the ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) movement has really gained momentum in the US. There are a number of very good products geared towards this set of IT Service Management best practices.

To see tools that are compliant with the ITIL framework, take a look here:


This is a very reasonable measure of the products on the market. But beware of embellishments on the part of the vendors. Take a look at each one carefully if you consider them at all.

I've reviewed many of these and have implemented and used a few. I certainly have my favorites. But I won't share them just yet. I'd rather hear feedback from others first.


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Look at myCMDB.com

by techrepublic In reply to Asset Management software ...

You can try it out for free. No need for a new server, no professional services or installation required.

It is a turn key business application which also includes an online inventory scanner.


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myCMDB site down?

by Tech Exec In reply to Look at myCMDB.com

Well, I've tried several times to get to this site and have been unable. Sometimes, it seems, we get what we pay for.

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by einius In reply to Asset Management software ...


We consider trying freeware:
1. Intergrated Resource Management (http://sourceforge.net/projects/irm/
). It also serves as Helpdesk solution, but based on LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP)
2. Open Computer and Software Inventory (http://sourceforge.net/projects/ocsinventory/
). Simple .exe in login script which can write data to MS SQL or Access.

The are more solutions on SourceForge.net but these are often upgraded so I hope will not die in few years.

Sorry, but no live system yet and no real experiences. Better look at websites of those products.

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the problem with asset management software

by monkibutt In reply to Freeware

I have been doing asset management at a company of 500 plus employees for about 4 years now. The biggest problem I have with most asset management software is that they only track networked items, such as desktops and laptops, but do nothing to track the other asset items such as monitors, desktop printers, etc. (More than half of what I track.) They also don't do the second part of management, which is tell you where they are. The only advantage to asset management software I have been able to use is license tracking.

My lower tech solution is bar-coded asset tags and an Access database with a few thousand line items in it, and that has worked so far. I am also looking into getting RFID tags to make collecting data easier.

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Access Database

by techrepublic In reply to the problem with asset ma ...

Do you then relate the items together, to tie a monitor to a desktop to a printer?

The next big wave is going to be service management, like your email service is made up of these email servers, this network backbone ... so if any of the components is damaged the email service is impacted. That's often more important for businesses than to know which monitor is attached to a desktop.

Jim Davis
myCMDB.com Sales
Network Inventory and Configuration Management

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tracking non networked assets

by nanotechsoftware In reply to the problem with asset ma ...

Our solution discovers everything on the network faster than any other poroduct in existance today (over 250 devices per second) but also picks up monitors etc ie all attached devices and also allows you to add non networked devices such as desks and chairs etc and assign them all to users and keep track of total value/cost of the users and depreciation

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