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By njack2004 ·
I'm looking for an asset tracking software for a rapidly growing small company. Most of my users are road warriors and thus have laptops. I would like to be able to barcode hardware items and be able to perform "inventory" from time to time with a barcode reader and perform a reconciliation with as little manual input as possible. It is also desirable to have an application (same one or different) that would be able to "inventory" software over the network or when users connect to the VPN for software license management. I'm currently looking at BMC-Remedy and Peregrine. I would like some input as to recommendations of either of those products and/or any alternatives people have had experience with. Thanks so much.

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by stress junkie In reply to Asset Tracking

I checked using the words "asset tracking inventory". I found a lot of entries that didn't fit your needs. The first one that I found that might be useful to you is at

You will notice that the project lists itself as being in the beta stage. Many of the projects there are listed in beta forever even though they work very well and are actively being developed.

There are more entries. You can browse the software projects by categories instead of performing a word search.

I got a better result when I just searched for the word "inventory".

The same thing happened at That is another open source software foundry/repository.

Or you could just make a relational database and a few scripts to enter, edit, and view the information. It shouldn't be that difficult.

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Take a look at OpsWare and AssetCenter

by StanVickers In reply to Asset Tracking

I believe you are looking at 2 products to get what you are looking for with some flexibility for growth. For the discovery process, take at a product like Opsware. I have worked with Peregrine and Remedy and found that they do an excellent job of asset tracking, but their discovery tools are not the strongest. Although I have limited knowledge of Opsware, experience shows that their discovery tools seem to be cost effective. For the asset tracking part, Peregrine AssetCenter will provide the most functionality as it is specifically designed to do asset tracking for now and has a lot of out-of-the-box functions for when you move grow to asset management.

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Tool for Reconciling Audit Results?

by DotJock In reply to Take a look at OpsWare an ...

Discovery results from almost 10,000 employee?s machines is yielding over 100,000 software line items to reconcile with my database listing of licenses purchased. Finding a good discovery and asset tracking tools is easy but finding a tool to do accurate reconciliation quickly continues to elude me. I really don?t care if it?s built into the discovery tool or asset management tool or a separate tool all together as long as it works well. Any suggestions?

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Take a look at Intellus Inc's software discovery tool

by StanVickers In reply to Tool for Reconciling Audi ...

Check out the Software Discovery Manager at If you want more info, contact

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