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Asset tracking and Trouble/task Tracking Software

By wiggledbits ·
Hello all,
I have been assigned to come up with some reccomendations for asset tracking and IT trouble/task tracking software. Actually the original request was for just the trouble ticket tracking, but I know what is next and after view Intuit's product I am hoping that there are more package out there that do both. So far I have looked at the open source package RT and Intuit. Are there any others? This is a small company with maybe 100 users and 4 IT people. Us IT people are 1/2 time on admind support and web developement. I would like some thing that is easy to use and implement and as inexpensive as possible. Suggestions? It can be separate packages (like RT) or combined ticket and asset (like Intuit)

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Complate Package

by Old#9 In reply to Asset tracking and Troubl ...

Novell ZenWorks

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by haileyan In reply to Asset tracking and Troubl ...

I use TrackIt. You can get either a MSDE or SQL version. You can pretty much pick and choose the modules you want. I use it for:

1. Automatic Auditing of Hardware and Software at login.
2. Help Desk database
3. Tracking Purchase orders
4. Tracking user and hardware assignments

I also have an email account setup that users send help requests to. Trackit monitors that accound and automatically generates the help desk ticked. The user receives a notification of their ticket number and hyperlinks for checking status, adding comments, etc.

I have about 75 users. The whole package was about $1500.00 for my setup.

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by wiggledbits In reply to TrackIt

Yes Trackit is at the top of my list right now. I do want to look at what other packages can do for comparison.

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Other Vendors

by molson In reply to Asset tracking and Troubl ...

Depending on your need I am working onthe same process. I am evaluating several products.
The outcome really depends on the size of your company and several other needs assessment criteria. feel free to email me at if you want to discuss.

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Remedy and Magic

by claire-s In reply to Asset tracking and Troubl ...

Remedy announced at the User Conference a version of Magic that is for the small to middle sized business. It has trouble tracking and asset management.

If you want a really robust system with lots of bells and whistles, check out the Remedy Help Desk package, it comes with Asset tracking. OR you can get the Full blown Asset Management Package, but it is in some cases overkill

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