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Assign Default Groups-Creating New User

By njack2004 ·
Technically this should be referencing Active Directory in general..specifically on Win2k3 Server..

When I create a user I would like to assign them to 2 groups (in addition to Domain Users) by default without having to manually assign them. One group is a global distribution list and the other is a global security group. Each of these groups effectively mirror the Domain Users group. I need to synchronize user information into another application. The application has an interface that queries AD groups and pulls individual user information, however MS blocks pulling information from default user groups such as Domain Users,

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by jc2it In reply to Assign Default Groups-Cre ...

Why not just change the Domain User to include the permissions in the other groups?

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by CG IT In reply to Assign Default Groups-Cre ...

well unless you run Exchange which is what distribution groups are for, your not going to get users automatically assigned to a distrubiton group. If you run Exchange, they are automatically assigned to the global distribution group.

Windows does have default global groups which users are assigned to when you create their accounts. Domain users group. You can create custom user groups for NTFS permissions if you need to customize who has access to what.

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by CG IT In reply to

Domain users is a default security container that all users are put in when their account is created unless you specify differently. It's up to the programmer who creates the application to query Active Directory properly. If the application requires that custom security groups be created, that should be included in the setup instructions.

If you want to make a schema change to include specific security groups you can but.......

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to Assign Default Groups-Cre ...

TRy creating a template user which is a member of the groups and has all the required options.
Then when creating a new user, use Action, Copy in AD Users and COomputers which will create the user and auto add user to the groups for you!

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