Assign different values to same drop-down items in different columns?

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I have a form with 12 columns asking different questions for 20 respondents. Each question has the same answers in a drop down menu. The options in each drop down are "Yes", "No", "N/A", and blank. So, in the spreadsheet, Column A are the respondents. The questions are in B1:M1 and the drop down menus are B2:M21.

I need to record a value for each respondant. So, I need to sum each row.

However, not every answer is worth the same amount of points. Answers of "Yes", "N/A", and blanks are worth 0 points. All and only "no" answers are worth negative points. For example, If they answer Question 1 as "no", I need that to be a value of -3.
If they answer to Question 2 is "no", I need that to be a value of -15.

I need each row to have a score based on how many and what questions they score as "no". Obviously, the perfect score is "0".

Can you help me calculate the score? I couldn't figure out the v-lookup way around this because each value that I need to assign is "no".

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