Assigning different user names on multiple pc?

By Timwateru ·

Can someone PLEASE help me how to set up or assign usernames and password on each pc for students.

I want to set up a pc where each student can come and enter their username and password and log on to the system. Also is it possible to set up if a student wants to access their files or folders on a different pc, having them just to type their username and password on that pc?

Otherwise, what I am trying to achieve is how to set up a username and password on a pc so that each student can enter their different username/password and access their school files/folders. For example, one student finish using the A.Computer - then another student comes on and enter his/her username and password access their files, and so on on the A.Computer

The school computer room has only 12 pc. 1 Router to access the internet.

This is a Primary school (computer room) that I am trying to help.

Can somebody walk me with the step...

Many thanks.

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You are going to need a server

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Assigning different user ...

With everyone logging onto that and getting their data from it. The workstations don't need User Accounts just the ability to log into the Server for each student.

This may be of some use

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Reponse To Answer

by Timwateru In reply to You are going to need a s ...

Many thanks,

I'll take it from there.

God bless

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