Assistance to setup a RADIUS

By Trini_Randy ·
Hey guys,

I have been tasked with setting up a RADIUS Server for the building I am Administering, 4 floors, upon doing some research I used this article.

Only to find a flaw, my network is based around differing specs than the article.

- I have 2 Domain Controllers on Server 2003, but it's a 2000 Domain Environment. (IBM Sys I5)

- The NPS for the RADIUS is setup on a Server 2008 R2 (Dell Edge R610)

- ISA 2006 setup on a Server 2003 IBM Think center.

The PDC has the Certificate Authority and Group Policy.

As you can see it's a lot of meshing, but I have been mandated to get the RADIUS setup as the executive board has iPads and meet between floors. I have setup the NPS as per specification listed,

and the Linksys WAP54GP, was setup for wireless security RADIUS with the RADIUS server added and the shared secret same as the server.

The Group Policy was edited as much as possible to match the settings on the NPS, but the differing OS make it harder.

The RADIUS Server was also added to the ISA Server.

When it is time to connect the WAP is visible but Windows is unable to connect to the wireless network, clicking troubleshoot is useless.

Does anyone have any advice...I need help!

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The trickiest part is usually the client setup

by robo_dev In reply to Assistance to setup a RAD ...

What version Windows?

In the past when setting up stuff like this, it was a million times easier to use a third party app such as the AEGIS client, since the Windows connection sometimes does odd things.

For example, are you letting Windows manage the WLAN connection or a utility that comes with the adapter.....some of those utils are very good (Cisco) and some, well, not so much (Belkin).

Not to sound like a big Cisco fan, but Cisco WLAN gear lets you run it in debug mode, and even lets you debug the AP-to-Radius server communication. That can be invaluable in figuring out authentication failures.

I would recommend putting an ethernet hub between the AP and radius server and firing up Wireshark on a machine...this way you can watch the authentication ( or lack of it) in real time.

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Reponse To Answer

by Trini_Randy In reply to The trickiest part is usu ...

It's a mix of OS between Windows 7 and Windows XP SP3 as well a couple iPads for the execs.

We are using a Nexxt WAP for testing but I have requested Cisco WAPs or WLAN, whichever we can get within budget expenditure.

I got the setup of the NPS finally I put the NPS and CA on the same server, but because my AD is still in 2000 domain environment it is not working until we update the AD will it work, so that project has now been giving priority.

As to the last recommendation, there are no direct communication between the server and any AP. the Servers are connected to switches.

Thanks though for your help and I will update when we jump back onto the RADIUS project.

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