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Association rule minig with SQL

By ergdemirel ·

I need help about association rule mining using SQL, My aim is using SQL standalone to find some association rules on the DataWareHouse such as frequent item sets (which is generally used for marketing analysis) like if customer "ABCDEF" had bought product X also he/she could have bought Y. (in ARM following notation used to express such relation : X->Y with given threshold depending on time and city variables) . I wrote some queries that can find such relations but my aim is finding more optimized queries. Some details about my dataset: currently I am using/analyzing MS Analysis Server's Foodmart 2000 dataset (specially,I try to find Association rules on sales_fact_1997). Also I am using SQL Server 2000.

My questions are

1-) If anyone who interested in this topic or has experince about topic can contact me to share his/her knowledge or experince??

2-) Do you have any other solution/idea for optimizing such queries to prevent effect of INNER JOINS ??

3-) Do you have any solution to find frequently bought N items (X1,X2,X3,....,Xn ) (for instance in the same city and same time) ??

4-) To compare my result and prove my works, I need another application that can able to find association rules specially frequent itemsets, Recently, I tried WEKA but it could not find expected result, And I download SPSS to test but I have no idea how to use SPSS at least for association rules? Does anyone recommend me some mining tools that can able to do my requests?? Or help me About WEKA / SPSS ??

Thanks in Advance,

Ergin DEMİREL (ergdemirel@gmail.com)

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