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Asta la Vista or Viv la Vista?

Recently I downloaded and installed the Windows Vista Beta 2.

From what I can gather the actual operating system is not that different from XP Pro.

As such....

Do you think Vista will be worth implementing?

Will it bring any benefits to the corporate IT network?

Does it have some killer application that I am not aware about?

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Nothing yet

by XT John In reply to Asta la Vista or Viv la V ...

Have Vista installed a week, other than it killing my Symantec, the kids' Ipod's not working, trouble with permissions and profiles, several drivers having to be tweaked (were perfect under XP), and mediocore performance, I'd say it's fine!

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by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Nothing yet

Mind you it is a beta. May be a tad harsh to judge the ability to perform!

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Some things to consider

by w2ktechman In reply to Asta la Vista or Viv la V ...

Unless you are running 3D mode, Vista appears similar to WinXP with many things moved around and more features are built in.
Some of the biggest hyped items are the new search tools (I think they suck), indexing your hdd, boot recovery, etc.
I forsee many a people moving over to it, but each part of Vista that I have tested, failed my test(s). But then again, its still beta. Personally, I have no plans to support it in the future, and I have started moving to Linux more and more. All this cause I was able to play and test Vista.
M$ is its own worst enemy right now.

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My first impressions

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Asta la Vista or Viv la V ...

It takes forever to load but I was only using a Pentium Extreme with 2 GIG of RAM as I wanted something more likely to be seen as a real Desktop over my new Dual Xeon Workstation that I'm building for myself.

I've set up a Dual Boot option with the 32 & 64 Bit versions on a 200 GIG SATA HDD.

First impressions was it's way too slow to load it's confusing in the Dual Boot mode as both OS are shown as MS Windows and even worse when you actually run the 2 different OS they show the same build number so you have to constantly check which version you are in.

The 32 Bit version picked up most of the installed hardware except for a Video Capture Card and a USB Web Cam both of which allowed the XP Drivers & Software to be installed and worked correctly. It was initially hard to find the way out of as everything has been moved Again!

Aero doesn't seem to want to work but as this unit only has a 256 MEG Video Card that may not be big enough for this option to run.

Currently I'm not overly impressed with it but hopefully the Production version will be better.

The 64 Bit version is just like XP 64 which lacks the Software & Drivers necessary for it to work decently so there was no big surprise there. With AMD having 64 Bit CPU's out for so long now I would have thought that there would have been some decent 64 Bit applications around but not yet.

Maybe when I get to load the Beta Office 2007 things might look nicer but at the moment I'm not overly impressed. I'll try to have a decent play this week end and see what I can get both systems to do unfortunately I got a call out after installing both OS and I only had a limited time to play so at the moment I'm reserving my judgement for a little while but I'll admit that Ubuntu is defiantly looking a better OS at the moment for the Desktop than Vista is.


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Office 2007 Beta

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to My first impressions

This is something I have tried. I have to say it is slower than expected also. Perhaps they are going to perform a magic optimisation on both in the near future?

Either that or the system specs to run the show need to be far higher than indicated...

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Office 2007 Beta

Well you can't at the moment get much higher than the system that I'm running it on.

I actually stole this unit from my son who wanted a High End Games platform so with a Top of the Line Pentium 2 GIG of Corsair RAM and a 256 MEG Video card how much more system resources would they want on the system?

On the up side the Windows Update was really fast.

The other thing that looked PRETTY was the theme while loading as it reminded me of when I used to SCUBA drive in warm shallow waters with a sandy bottom nice and peaceful looking. I had more than enough time to look at it while both OS where loading. But I suppose that will go By By when the production version becomes available I just hope that it's not replaced by the Bloody Awful splash screen that 95 had even the thought of that sends shivers down my spine.


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by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Higher?

Or the addition of 'that' startup tune which could **** up speakers and make eardrums bleed. I remember leaving the speakers turned up to high at 2am....

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But Office 07 is prettier

by w2ktechman In reply to Office 2007 Beta

It mostly looks like Office 03, with some larger icons and smaller work areas. Big buttons that have graphics to replace words. It will take some getting used to, but it doesnt seem too slow for me. Vista's last release was better, but for a few driver issues.

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It will invigorate the economy

by Dr Dij In reply to Asta la Vista or Viv la V ...

what with people having to buy new computers, buy new software, hire techs to get everything working; IT people will buy more training and certs.

This theory is the same as the newscaster who said that the FLA hurricanes would invigorate the economy. At which point, Daily Show newscaster suggested we 'invigorate the economy' by shelling various cities in US, so they could be rebuilt!

(I think they did this in 1984 novel, to keep the populace in a war footing)

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by NOW LEFT TR In reply to It will invigorate the ec ...

Forget 1984, similar tactics are in use this very day. WMD anybody?

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