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Asterix based Fonality phone system

By ishaikh ·
I am looking into replacing our existing legacy phone system with Asterix based Fonality
What do you think of Asterix based commercially supported phone system like Fonality Pros and cons.
Share your experience working with any of these Asterix based commercially supported voip systems.

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by paulk In reply to Asterix based Fonality ph ...

I'm also interested in this. I had a look at the fonality site and their solution looks pretty slick.

I have a customer with an analogue PBX servicing 20 extensions and connecting to the PSTN via 2 ISDN lines. Would fonality be a good replacement for this?



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Fonality is bad

by Jsosterhaus In reply to VoIP

Don't do it; I thought the same thing... the system is unstable and will cause you so many headaches

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Fonality Crashes

by Jsosterhaus In reply to Asterix based Fonality ph ...

I am a tech company out of Wisconsin. The fonality system is terrible. It crashes, the call quality is low, it drops calls, and the support is the worst I have ever seen. Add to this they automatically push out updates that messup the phone system and you have a terrible system. The phone system has some nice features, but spend the extra money and go with an Avaya or Cisco IP solution; or just stay with digital.

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Enough Said

by scott In reply to Fonality Crashes

I implemented this as a solution for two customers. One customer purchased the call center edition and called me way late in the game to install the system for them. I dropped everything, did the install and haven't looked back (except once). They seem pretty happy with the system. I felt the sales department was misleading and they didn't get exactly what they where expecting. Second customer purchased the system under my recommendation and that was a mistake on my part. Everything I ordered showed up on time (actually in really good time) however after having the system in for a week I had a module go bad on one of the interface cards and it took several days to get it replaced (even with the next day business replacement). I never, still to this day, have had a post install meeting. I am working on rolling out a asterisk based solution with no fonality front end to satisfy my customer and save my relationship with them. - My VOTE - Spend the time and energy to develop your own solution.

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