Asus 7900 Gs or Leadtech 8600 GT

By dindin_funfun ·
I am in the market for a cheap but good nVidia Graphics card, and these are the two that are available for the right price. Which one is more powerful?

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This is an unanswerable question as it depends on

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Asus 7900 Gs or Leadtech ...

Many other factors and finally what you want to use the Video Card for. It may not be compatible with your existing hardware or may not work correctly with the hardware that you have.

But saying that here is a Goggle Search of the ASUS Card


And here is a Goggle search page for the Leadtech card


The answer is for you to look at the specs and reviews of both and then decide which you want. Once you have done this contact your M'Board maker and ask if there are any Known Issues with your choice of Video Card and M'Board. Then you'll have your answer.


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As Hal says, depends

by JamesRL In reply to Asus 7900 Gs or Leadtech ...

The 7900 GS is one of the "high end" cards from the second newest generation of nVidia cards, versus a mid range card from the newest generation.

They roughly have the same output on the 3d Benchmark 3dmark06. But much depends on the resolution used, how much AA and AF filtering is used etc.

The 8600 will have some advantages on games in the future as it suports a newer shader model.

I'd buy the 8600 GT.


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Don't Waste $$ on DX9

by brandon_kirkpatrick In reply to Asus 7900 Gs or Leadtech ...

Just my opinion, i like video cards to last 1-2 years with decent medium high settings in MOST games. That being said, if you only play DX9 supported games over the next year and never plan on upgrading to vista and DX10 over the next couple of years, then go with the High end 7900gs because that will rock as a DX9 card.
However, if you are willing to sacrifice a few FPS and possibly a degree of AA or AF, the 8600 will not only play all dx9 games with respectable frame rates(depending on the rest of your box)it will support DX10 and give you a 5.x rating in vista for gaming.
It's a choice and chance. Either commit to playing DX9 library of games, or take the chance and get a 8600 with DX10 support.
Personal, for about 30-40$ more on newegg, the MSI NX8600 o.c. ed. gts is the highest clocked, best bang for your buck vid card in the mid range class(i own it, it rocks)it's about $170. only @ newegg.com

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