asus a7v8x cant get any bios

By charleyj4604 ·
like i said dont get any bios setup or anything screen just turns on and stays black put new cpu in new agp card but found out amd sepron needs bios update but cant do anything as nothing shows up did cosmos reset and what it says in book and from asus site but nothing can anyone help thanks

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by TheChas In reply to asus a7v8x cant get any b ...

If you need a BIOS update for your new CPU, I believe you need to install the update before installing the new CPU.

Put the old CPU back in, reset the CMOS again, and the system should boot up.

Then, download the new BIOS and follow ALL instructions to flash the BIOS ROM.

Make sure the system boots up with the old CPU. Then, switch to the new CPU.


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Well for starters what is happening to the Case

by OH Smeg In reply to asus a7v8x cant get any b ...

Do any LED light up? Can you open or close any Optical Drives?

Do the fans run? If so have you tried changing the Power Supply with a Known Good one?

It could very easily be a power supply issue that is the problem here so open the case clean out the dust and other rubbish that has got sucked in and see what is happening inside. When you open the case use Compressed Air like Canned Air to **** out the Computer and hold any Fans to prevent them spinning nd generating power which can damage the M'Board. Try removing the RAM and cleaning the Gold contact spots with a soft rubber.

But the important thing here is with the original CPU do you hear any Beeps when you turn on this computer? Post back with what you hear or see and we will try to help you.


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Is the PC running

by Jacky Howe In reply to asus a7v8x cant get any b ...

You say that you installed an AGP Card, has the Motherboard got onboard Video. If it has plug the Video Lead into that Port. You will have to enter BIOS to tell it to use the AGP or reinsert your old Video Card.

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