asus A8V-Vm sata driver

By shanuparmar ·
i want to install window xp/

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If you're a computer VAR

by jck In reply to asus A8V-Vm sata driver

Then you should register with MS to license installs of XP.

Then drivers are a matter of using your mobo supplied CD, or updating by going to Asus' site for the latest drivers.

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BRAVO !! Well said too !

by OldER Mycroft In reply to If you're a computer VAR

That point has been needing to be aired on TR for far too long.

I'm getting severely pissed off with any Buck Rogers lookalike swanning in here calling themselves whatever they want to, yet WE are supposed to view their Job Role and judge their abilities to comprehend.

PAH !!

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Bet one thing tho

by jck In reply to BRAVO !! Well said too !

I don't get a thumbs up.

Guess I'm not worthy for saying the truth :^0

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