Asus M4N72-E - Is it dead or something else?

By CRC.Mismatch ·

I have an Asus M4N72-E running a Phenom II x4 920 (from the first lots), with 2x2GB DDR2-1066 (kit from Corsair, Dominator Airflow). I bought this altogether in 2009, also with a couple of GF 9800 GT, for SLI, and except for the RAM being detected as 800, and forcing it to 1066, independent of the channel/slots positions, which led to BSOD and constant freezes, I never had any other problem. Last year, I bought a GTX295 to replace the good 9800 and a SB X-Fi PCI Express, and then it all started. Sometimes, from nowhere, the PC hangs, including that annoying repetitive loop of the last 0,2 seconds of sound, or comes a BSOD, and when the system is restarted, nothing happens, except for the sound of the VGA looping the startup cooler spin-up. After some messing with the components, mostly after removing and replacing the RAM some 10 times or so, it simply, out of nowhere, boots again, just to tell me that "Overclocking failed! Press F1 to enter ... blabla", even with everything in the Overclocking tab in the BIOS setup set to default. And once, after this happened, it would only bypass the "Overclocking failed!" after I forced the RAM to 1066 in the same tab, and then everything ran perfect until now. Now, it started doing the same thing, but I was able to reboot it normally twice, and then it died again. Now, after doing every procedure I've already done before, the only things that happen are:

- If I put in any memory in any slot, the VGA cooler stays in hi-speed. The same happens with any different memories and any diferent VGA.
- If I take out the VGA, nothing happens, just the normal bootup sequence except it doesn't get to POST, and thus, no beep.
- If I turn it on without memory, it beeps telling me there's no memory.
- If I take the CPU away, it turns on, and absolutely nothing happens, except for the coolers spinning (in this case, the VGA stays still, as if in standby) and I'm not able to do anything.

Any ideas? The PC is lying dead over my desk, right now...

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I'm not really sure which CPU you have here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Asus M4N72-E - Is it dead ...

But by forcing the RAM to 1066 MHZ you are overclocking it and attempting to feed the CPU way too fast which is what I'm supposing is your problem.

Sure the RAM may work at that Speed and maybe even the M'Board may support this but the CPU is very unlikely to.

I would be checking the CPU for damage which is the most likely.

Also while it may not have been damaged by Overclocking the RAM and force Feeding the CPU way too fast what Power Supply Make & Model are you using here?

This is vitally important as the cheap ones do not properly filter the Mains Supply and the NVidia Chip Set M'Boards can allow nasty Power Spikes through tot he CPU damaging it to the point where it stops working reliably.


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