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Asus MB Sata driver problem

By stevehazen ·
A friend of mie has a new Asus motherboard and is trying to use a sata hard drive using Win XP Pro. When he installs the driver he loses his sound card (internal) he has tried installing in both service packs and contacting Asus service personnel to no avail. I have not looked at his computer yet. Have you run into this?

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by wcp In reply to Asus MB Sata driver probl ...

I offer you three recommendations.

1. Install the latest SATA driver.

2. Do BIOS Flash ? check if any later BIOSes are available. Make sure you know what you do. Otherwise, have an experienced person do it.

3. Clean install Windows ? this is to check whether Windows got corrupted. You may want to test install Windows in a different HD.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Asus MB Sata driver probl ...

Well the Model of the M'Board would be of some help but generally speaking the SATA drivers should be installed when Windows is being installed by pressing the F8 key on the prompt for additional drivers.

If he is just adding a single SATA HDD the drivers that where loaded with Windows should handle it without a problem he should only be running into problems if he is attempting to establish a RAID Array otherwise it should just be a Plug & Play arraignment. At least that's how it goes with the current crop of ASUS M'Boards that I've used.


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maybe try this:

by hazed100 In reply to Asus MB Sata driver probl ...

Not sure if this is relevant but I recently read there was a compatability problem with the onboard Sound and the PC speaker.
The thread said that with certain PC speakers plugged in it can cause all aorts of problems with the board recognising the sound card, apparently it doesnt manifest itself until you instal some hardware like the sata drives or if you start to overclock certain onboard components.
Im sorry I cant recall the whole thread or where I saw it, overclockers uk maybe, or guru3d forums but I do remember reading a post very similar to this where the guy complained of problems with his SATA drives while setting up a 2 drive array, it kept recognising the 2 drives one minute and then it would lose the 2nd drive or the sound.
Another guy said about the PC speaker problem and told him to just unplug it. Maybe he was full of crap but its worth a test to see , shouldnt take a second.The board was the Asus A8n-SLI deluxe or premium I think but it may apply to others if asus isnt aware of a windows driver issue or its rare and not reported/ blamed on the drive etc

Good luck

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