ASUS monitor turns on, says "DVI no connection" then opens normally.

By its necro ·
Sorry, im not really that good with computers, but i just want to know why this is happening and how to fix it, ill try to provide as much info as possible.
um well it runs 3.60 ghz,
has 32g of installed ram, and its
64 bit?
model is (i think) 00330-80000-AA405
sorry im not that good with computers. let me know of fixes or any more info you need. thanks!

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Not realy sure here but I think you'll find it's all to do with the monitor

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to ASUS monitor turns on, sa ...

I think you'll find it has different inputs on it's back and you are using a different input to the DVI input so when you turn it on the monitor is telling you that the DVI Input is not connected which is normal and correct.

It is just telling you it's setup and isn't any issue or error at all. but just a acceptance of how it is connected to the computer.

If you had a DVI connection and there is a VGA connection on the monitor I think here you would be told that instead of DVI not Connected you would get VGA Not Connected.

Not a problem just an acknoledgment of how the monitor is expected to work.

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