Asus Monitor

By dmiles ·
I am have an issue with my monitor,when the monitor is on I will expierence the monitor going black,I can be using the monitor and it will go to a black screen if left alone for any time.Can anyone shed any light on this
Have performed troubleshooting such as changing the power settings,I have the machine in an open area so their is no dustbunnies build up.
I can move the mouse and it will wake up

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Power settings

by Scalloway1 In reply to Asus Monitor

It sounds lilk the power setting have been set to make the monitor turn off if it is unattended. You should be able to change this through the Control Panel if you are using Windows.

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Reponse To Answer

by dmiles In reply to Power settings

Thanks for your attempt,but the power settings were checked and they were all set manually,TIA

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Check power settings again

by gechurch In reply to Asus Monitor

I agree with Scalloway1. This sounds like a control panel setting (the fact that moving the mouse wakes it up is a giveaway that it's a setting and not the monitor beginning to die, and the fact that it only does it when left idle is another strong indicator).

You haven't mentioned which power settings you've checking in the control panel. It's not just the 'Turn monitor off after' setting you need to check. You also need to check the 'Sleep after' option, as some PCs wake from sleep on mouse movement. Also check the screensaver option. While testing, I'd turn all three of these off completely.

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Reponse To Answer

by dmiles In reply to Check power settings agai ...

All other options were checked,then at the end you mentioned the Screensaver option to which was on with a blank screen setting.

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Which Power Settings

by info In reply to Asus Monitor

There are also power settings in the menu of the newer monitors themselves. Check those.

It could also be a good ole-fashioned... "it's done broked".

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Loose cable?

by kmthom In reply to Asus Monitor

Jiggle the cables around a bit and see if it goes out. Maybe there is a bad connection between the monitor and the computer itself. Is this a laptop of a desktop?


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