Asus P4P800 SE mainboard problems

By zack247 ·
hi i have an asus p4p800 se motherboard. the problem is it doesn't stay booted. it makes a series of beeps (listen to them here: http://www.mediafire.com/?tmkjmgmjjzx) and then it shuts off. there is no Ram installed yet, but what do these beeps mean?

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from what ive read...

by zack247 In reply to beep codes

at this site here: http://www.bioscentral.com/beepcodes/amibeep.htm

there is something wrong with the video, and ram, since i have none. i had some, but my friend wanted it back for his motherboard like this i gave him. strangely enough, it makes no beeps, and they are exactly the same. is this because i don't have a screen plugged in? or will i have to reset the bios?

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So with no RAM, no Screen and no Video ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to from what ive read...

Were you expecting the BIOS to ignore all these circumstances?

What were you expecting to achieve by 'booting' (I use the term cautiously) what is basically a naked motherboard?

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i have a pci vid out card...

by zack247 In reply to So with no RAM, no Screen ...

i just never plugged in a screen. i am hoping to find a place (not on the internet) where i can find cheap ddr memory.

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Hey Zack!

by Ron K. In reply to i have a pci vid out card ...

What do you have against our nice, shiny Internet? Huh? <br>
I've ordered a lot of stuff over the Internet. It's relatively safe if you know where to go. I've been satisfied buying from TigerDirect, Newegg, Amazon, Crucial.com and a couple of other places that escape me right now. <br>
Get a manual for your MB and don't buy anything unless you know that it's the right thing. I'm not going to look it up but how do you know that you need DDR RAM? What speed should it be? Do you KNOW or just think that you know, you know? <br>
Quit calling it a screen. That's terminology from the future, clearly ripped off from Iain Banks, "Against a Dark Background". It's a monitor.<br>
Say it with me, mon... it... or.

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by zack247 In reply to Hey Zack!

the reason i dont want to order over the internet is because i cannt figure out how to set up a paypal with my bank card.

i know its ddr ram because i have had ram in it before, but my friend wanted it back. i think it said it was ddr 2.5, if that even exists. we had some sticks of 512mb,but they dont fit in either of our motherboards, i think they might be ddr 3 or something. also, ddr has just one notch, at least the ddr ive seen. then again, i have only used sdram and a little ddr

and i know what its called, but screen takes less time to type than monitor, and i am pretty sure everyone knows what i mean by "screen".


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For your Information DDR RAM

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to ok...

Comes in 3 distinct Flavors the Original DDR or as sometimes called now DDR1 was the original which comes in various sizes and speeds.

DDR2 was a newer and faster version and finally DDR3, both of these come in different sizes and speed Modules to suit the various M'Boards on the market. With DDR3 RAM it is mostly used on the Tri Chanel RAM Systems and you buy it in Kits for those M'Boards with 3 Identical Modules included in the kit.

With DDR2 RAM this comes either individually or as a Matched Pair Kit for Dual Chanel M'Boards.

These 3 versions of RAM are not interchangeable and they all have the 1 Slot to locate them in the Socket though the different versions have the slot in different positions so you can not accidentally fit the wrong RAM to the M'Board.

The M'Board that you have uses DDR or DDR1 RAM and will not take anything bigger than 2 X 1 GIG Modules so the most that it will address is 2 GIG.

As for your friends identical M'Board not making any noise when it is started does it have a speaker connected tot he Header Strip? If not then it will not make any noise but when these are working correctly they should make a single beep when the unit passes the POST Test.


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Download the ASUS Manual from here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to from what ive read...
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by zack247 In reply to Download the ASUS Manual ...

i could never figure out the whole manual thing on asus' site.

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Your Welcome EOM

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to thanks

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