ASUS P5N-E Sli Does not start up

By simonsunjiN ·
When i don't plug the 4-pin ATX plug in, the computer will start for about .5-1.5 seconds. Then it will shut down.
When i plug my 4-pin ATX plug in, the computer refuses to even start or it turns on for less than a second(i have a led fan. i see a short flash of light. )There is the yellow light though (which means that there is power to the computer). I have tried three different PSU's and Two different CPU's. I've reset my CMOS, and did everything i could do. i think it has to do with my Mobo but i am not sure. Can anyone help?

CPU=Intel Dual-Core 2.666GHZ conroe.
RAM= Jetram 2x1GB DDR2 800
Case= Apevia X-cruiser(the 420W psu was included. I also have a 400W Antec PSU which is at my disposal)
I'm also using a XFX nVIDIA geforce 8600GT

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Power Good Error

by TheChas In reply to ASUS P5N-E Sli Does not s ...

What you have happening, is that the motherboard is not sending a power good response to the power supply.

Start by checking the clear CMOS jumper. On many motherboards, if this jumper is in the clear position, what you are seeing is exactly what happens.

If you still have problems, check your fan connectors and make sure that none are backwards. You also should make sure that your CPU fan is plugged into the first CPU fan plug and has the fan speed signal.


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Same PRoblem here

by ryan In reply to ASUS P5N-E Sli Does not s ...

I'm having this same problem - i built a new computer with all new parts.. When I first connected it all up it started for like 1-2 seconds then it shut down.. i unplugged the 4pin ATX connector then it tried to start for about 4-5 seconds then stopped, hasn't started up yet since.. Don't know if it's the PSU or the MoBo , i really hope it's the PSU.. Also my light is green not yellow, so i dont know what means either..


Asus p5n-e SLi Motherboard
Intel Core 2 duo e6750 2.66ghz
2gb g.skill ram (1gb stick installed only on mobo)

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p5n-e sli

by mr_xtrem In reply to Same PRoblem here

im having the same problem i have connected everyting up fooled around with the jumpers pulled out the atx cable still no luck the onboard led stays on to i dont no what to do

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Same Problem

by ebotee In reply to ASUS P5N-E Sli Does not s ...

I have a foxconn 955X7AA motherboard and am having the same problem. My computer was working fine before, but I moved all the guts into a new case. Now it won't start. I have the same symptoms: will only start for a second with the 12v 4pin connector plugged in. Unplugged: the fan on the north bridge and gpu come on but of course with no CPU power, no post screen. Very frustrating. I tried clearing CMOS. Was this resolved?

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