ASUS Q502L won’t turn on

By Narynbek ·
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My teenage son is using a 3 year old ASUS Q502L laptop. (It’s also a 2-n-1 tablet, but we turned off the touchscreen feature awhile ago due to other problems.)

We cannot get it to turn on. When plugged in, there is a green light on in the front. When we push the power button, 3 other lights turn on but then quickly turn off (2 lights in front near the green light, and the light on the CAPS lock button).

This has happened before, but after an hour or so of being plugged in, it would turn on. Now it’s been 24 hours and it still won’t turn on.

I have followed the suggestion of other sites and opened the case, unplugged the battery and power cord, and held the power button for 30+ seconds the reset the laptop. I also reseated the RAM and hard drive. I even replaced the CMOS battery. The lights in the front now stay on a few seconds longer, but the effect is still the same - the laptop will not turn on.


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The laptop battery may need to be replaced

If the laptop battery is shorted out, not only will it not charge, but it also will not allow current to pass through when plugged into the charger, and the charger plugged into the electrical outlet.

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The laptop battery may need to be replaced

by gasscromey88 In reply to The laptop battery may ne ...

You'd better ask for repair centre to help.To avoid loss more,backup all the battery in another computer before you done it.

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