ASUS Z54C Keyboard Mapping Issue

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I'm doing this on my Toshiba laptop at the moment, and you'll see why later in this post.

Earlier today, I acquired an ASUS Z54C notebook, and had noticed that the keyboard is acting rather strange. Certain keys will also register other keys when pressed. Here's which ones react this way (letters are not case sensitive):

U will also register 6,
0 (Zero) will register [
= registers ]
5 registers R
W registers S
I places a Date Stamp... (this might be the problem)
There may be others, but I'd like to move on to the behavior

the way this behaves is if I press the key U, then "6u" or "^U" will show up (depending on if I press Shift or not). The same thing happens if I press the key 6.

This is the same for all others; if I press one or the other of these keys in question, the other appears with it.

At first, I thought this was a problem with the copy of Windows 7 that was installed, so I installed Windows 10 Tech Preview (I was going to do so anyway). However, this behavior did not go away.

I don't have a USB Keyboard to see if the behavior carries over, but it didn't when I used the On-Screen Keyboard.

I should note that not all keys behave this way, but that the majority of them work fine. It's just that this should not be happening to begin with.

I've also pulled the keyboard out and inspected it. I didn't see any dried fluids or any obstructions in the keys. Should I perhaps consider replacing the keyboard?

Looking for help, and I'd be more than happy to see this issue resolved.

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by jdlunt191 In reply to ASUS Z54C Keyboard Mappin ...

I've managed to go out and purchase a wireless USB keyboard touchpad, and it's been working flawlessly. Based on this, I can only assume that the built in keyboard is failing, and needs to be replaced.

I also took the keyboard out and looked up its model number. The keyboard showed up as a match for ASUS A Series machines, while the laptop in question is a Z54C; running with a K54C motherboard. It could be possible that the keyboard currently installed is not the original, and therefore not compatible.

I looked up replacement keyboards for the laptop, but I found two different ones claiming to be built for my laptop (both found on Amazon).

I guess my new question is: How do I figure out which one to get?

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