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At the Gateway Antivirus Scanning?

By L8erG8er ·
I've been reading George's recommendations on AV scanning at the gate, rather than on the PC.

I'm technical, but not an IT admin. How can I accomplish this at home, on a limited budget?


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by akalinowski In reply to At the Gateway Antivirus ...

how limited is limited?

symantec has a cheap network device that will act as firewall & AV scanner.

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by L8erG8er In reply to At the Gateway Antivirus ...

Well, I was thinking of George's recommendation to have another PC act as the proxy server, then ditch AV software on my regular PC. But your Symantec idea sounds interesting. Can you tell me more about that?

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by Nilt In reply to At the Gateway Antivirus ...

I've had one of the Symantec products linked above in use at a client's location but, in my experience, it's not necessarily any better than any traditional AV product for the purposes a home user would need. The benefits (other than unlimited AV protection) of such a device are simply not needed for a home user.

As far as a firewall goes, if you need more comprehensive protection, go to the router > *nix variant/firewall box > network method and have done with it. If this isn't "good" enough for someone they are not a typical home user.

It's a great concept but the cost is prohibitive for home use. The only benefit a home user could get from this is if they have more than 10 PCs with a need for an AV app. Sure, it alleviates the need for separate AV installed at each workstation as well as freeing resources, but is this really such a huge concern?

All this being said; I wish someone would develop a free/Open Source gateway AV app of some sort. It'd be a great thing to have if only the cost were lower.

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by Greybeard770 In reply to At the Gateway Antivirus ...

Symantec/Norton Anti-Virus for E-mail Gateways is a fine product. Using a separate machine as a gateway stops viruses before they get to your real mail server. Having been hit by viruses, I will say you can't have too much protection. We use AV software on our gateway machine in the DMZ, on the Exchange server, and on each desktop/laptop.

At home, use AV software on every computer and keep the signature files up to date, just like at the office.

Some viruses will infect any computer close to them. So keep them all protected with up to date signatures.

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by CG IT In reply to At the Gateway Antivirus ...

well, if you don't run your own email server at home, then the question really is does the email service you use have active AV?

hotmail, yahoo and AOL all have their own scanners both for span and potentially dangerous files in emails.

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by escheitz In reply to At the Gateway Antivirus ...

I know this is a little late, but I have used IPCop and Copfilter at the gateway, It is exactly what you are looking for it sounds like and with works fine for me.

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by L8erG8er In reply to At the Gateway Antivirus ...

Thanks for the help, everyone!

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Ah, I would have answered this if I had seen it

by georgeou In reply to

As someone else mentioned, IPCop and Copfilter is the FREE solution (free as in software). A friend of mine is running it and he raves about it. The challenge is getting a box that's low-power and silent running. I've searched far and wide and I've come to three possible solutions.

Build a dirt cheap desktop or use an old desktop PC. This is the worst option IMO since it's big and bulky and noisy. It is possible to make it silent but it still uses around 60 watts. While that ain't bad, it's still less than ideal. Cost is around $150.

Buy a fan less 800 MHz PC with 256 MBs of RAM. This is precisely what Justin James did and he will be writing a review with IPCop and Copfilter. Price was $225 + $30 shipping plus $60 for a 2.5" hard drive. This is a little more than $300 but it's dead silent and small.

Last option which is what I'm personally leaning toward is to use a virtual computer. I'm going to be building a Media Center PC doubling as a gigabit file server. Then I'm going to run the free VMware or free Microsoft Virtual server and run a virtual instance of IPCop plus Copfilter. Price for the hardware is free since you need the hardware for the Media Center and the Gigabit file server anyways.

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Here is a great option for you.

by georgeou In reply to

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