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Can someone tell me the difference between AT + ATX motherboards (are they interchangable?). I have a computer (Quantex)with what seems like a bad motherboard and I was told that I have an AT (the connection for the motherboard is larger then for the mouse). Do I have to get another AT motherboard or can I also get an ATX?
thanks for any help

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by Bill_W In reply to AT VS. ATX

Well, the last I heard, the major difference between them was the power supply needed, with ATX PSUs having different power connections to the MB (not HDDs etc). To confuse the issue a little, some transition MBs came with both ATX and AT PSU connectors, so one could upgrade older PCs with AT PSUs with a better MB. Generally though they are NOT interchangeable.

In your case, have a look at the PSU connector on the MB (size of mouse connector is not a definitive test). AT's have two separate connectors, with colors RRRWBB BBBlYRO (if that makes sense), ATXs have just one.

You should be able to get a good MB that uses an AT PSU, but most are pretty old now. I upgraded my son's PC about a year ago with a new FIC VA-503 that takes both (I wanted to reuse the 72-pin RAM I had, and the case/PSU), but fastest CPU it would take was a 550 AMD. So it can get a bit tricky.

Really, if you want to upgrade (rather than repair), look at an ATX case/decent MB/RAM, etc and just swap HDD/CD etc etc. Really cheap these days anyway.

Other ideas from others out there?


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