At WIT'S END regarding 3-computer network - 1 won't ping

By LMillerMT ·
This is driving me absolutely batty.

I have a network consisting of 3 computers. My main computer is the problem child. All computers can share things in Network Neighborhood. I cannot ping my main computer from my other computers. May not seem like a big deal, but I need to access this computer for a certain program, and it's not working because I believe I don't have the proper access to it which was discovered when I could not ping it (request timed out).

I run ZoneAlarm on all computers. I have restarted the main computer without ZoneAlarm running, and I still cannot ping.

Windows Firewall is off on all computers.

I use a Linksys router. I looked through the options there, and I do not see anywhere where I have anything blocked.

The only thing that I have run into trouble with is the fact that the main computer uses Windows Media Center and a wireless (USB) Microsoft keyboard and mouse. For whatever reason, those 2 things disallowed me using a screensaver.

Are there any computer guru's out there who can help me?????

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Zone Alarm

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The only problem I see here is the Firewall that ZoneAlarm executed. I've experience this myself before. I switched off the firewall still I cannot access the main computer. But I managed to resolve it, what I did was I switched off the entire ZoneAlarm completely from the system tray by right-click zonealarm icon and exit. This might be risky since virus can attack your computer in the process. But this process will only take you few minutes. After that I restart "My network places", there you go the main computer is there. After I can access the main computer, I switched On the ZoneAlarm back to normal. You only do this once, after that you can still access the main computer even with the zonealarm firewall switched on.

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Possible solution to one-way pinging on XP

by drbenway In reply to At WIT'S END regarding 3- ...

I had a similar problem where i could not ping (or otherwise connect) to my machine from other machines on my local network.
The firewall was disabled (all of 'em were). I could ping other machines and access the internet, however, from that machine.

I tried a bunch of stuff.

In my case the problem was a setting with the Cisco VPN Client. Even though it was NOT IN USE (the program was not even running) when i saw the problem, the solution was to
1. Open the Cisco VPN Client (but you don't necessarily need to connect to anything)
2. Right-click the system tray icon in the bottom right of your toolbar
3. UNCHECK "Stateful firewall (Always On)"
4. Rejoice (if applicable), for you can once again ping and FTP!

- Kelly Tice

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You are a genius!

by dvenus In reply to Possible solution to one- ...


I am one of the lucky ones that gets to rejoice! I have seen that check mark there before but did not think it was one I could turn off (never tried either :). But I could uncheck it and now am able to ping and run X-Windows software on my PC.

Thanks for the info. This has driven me crazy for 3 or 4 months now!

Dave Venus

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