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    ATA-100 on MB and Windows 2000


    by joramn ·

    i have an Asus A7v motherboard, it support for 4 standard IDE devices and 4 ata-100 devices.
    I;ve got 98SE installed and it worked fine, for experimentation(college) i added 2 installs of Win2000 server to the drive all OS have their own partition on physical drive. now i cannot get anything to boot. blue screen stop errors. ideas wanted.

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      error in the driver delivered by MS

      by wimmersr ·

      In reply to ATA-100 on MB and Windows 2000

      I had the same problem as soon as I hit the ata-100. The drivers in the MS2000 are no good and to by pass it by loading the os in vga mode, disinstalling, or replacing the driver with the driver on the Cd from Asus. depending on your version, check the Asus sites for their latest drivers.

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        Found possible solution

        by joramn ·

        In reply to error in the driver delivered by MS

        Asus now lists a driver update to be unzipped on a floppy and loaded in during install like a SCSI or RAID driver is.

        as it requires reinstallation to set it up i haven;t done it yet.. my weekend project most likely.

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          simillar problem….

          by dthirlway ·

          In reply to Found possible solution

          I have an old ata 33 machine which I installed win2k server on and it was to slow so I aquired a new server which had a IDE ATA 100 controller and the driver I had was ATA 100 so it is using it as ATA 100.

          I get a inaccessable boot device error on start up on the new driver.

          What I am going to try as soon as I can ghost the drive to another machine. I installing the ide drivers on the old machine then swap the drive to the new one and hay presto it should work. So you might wont to try installing it on an old machine to get into Winodws then load the new driver from the cd and then shut down and put the drive back in the new machine.

          I hope to try this this week I will let you know how it goes.

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