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ATA 100

By mrafrohead ·
Quick question:

I have a hard drive that is ATA 100 compatible. I have two ATA 100 7200RPM hard drives.

I am running Windoze 2000 SP2.

I am lucky if I get 30 Meg a second data transfer rates... what's the deal??? I thought that ATA 100 is supposed to mean 100 meg a second data transfer rate...

Also, I'm running a 1.4G Athlon and I have 768M o Ram... So it's not a resource thing. Antivirus is disabled during transfers also.

Anyone with advice, plese let me know. I would love to hear it. I've been reading about ATA133 and I figure, with ATA100 being a flop, why even think about upgrading...



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Hard Drive Speed.

by rbergancia In reply to ATA 100


You are partly right on your info. The 100 on "ATA 100" is the data transfer rate, but here's the catch. It doesn't mean 100 Megabytes/second, it's Megabits/second. When you're talking about data tranfer rates specially in networkingor downloading from the internet they use Megabits. In case of capacity though they're pertaining to Megabytes. I don't think that there is a PC component out in the market that is capable of tranferring data in Megabytes. Hope this helps.


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ATA Transfer rates

by rpruett In reply to ATA 100

ATA 100 has a maximum achieveable transfer rate of 100 megabytes per second. This is accomplished by utilizing the hard drive buffer and thus is limited to a couple of seconds at best. Sustained transfer rates are determined by hard drive and systemcharacteristics (e.g. RPM). These rates are significantly less than the ATA maximum. Your hard drive should have specs that will tell you the range of sustained transfer rates you can expect. These are usually 20 to 40 megabytes per second for ATA 100 drives.

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80 wire/40 pin cable

by kevg In reply to ATA 100

I assume that you are using the 80 wire/40 pin cable. A standard 40 wire/40pin cable will drop the spec back to ATA33.

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by mrafrohead In reply to 80 wire/40 pin cable

Yes, they are 80Pin cables, and are properly seated. Blue - Mobo - middle - slave - end - master.

Also, 7200RPM drives...

I would like to greatly thank all of you whom have responded!!! I appreciate it.

The funny part is I didn't realize the megabit/megabyte thing until about two days ago, when i was building a network at home and was wondering why the transfers weren't 200 megabytes a second. then all of the sudden it dawned on me. it's 200 megabits a second which is NOT the same... And that principle applies to hard drives!!!

Sometimes I guess I'm just slow... hehehehe

Anywho, thank you once again for all of your help!!!


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