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    Athlon processor and Win 2000


    by bruce.jordan ·

    This is the 3rd Athlon based PC that has given me problems. But only with Win 2000. Win 98 and Win XP work fine. After installing Win 2000 and the PC reboots, it starts to load 2000 then suddenly goes to the BSD and says “boot device is inaccessible”. I’ve looked the BIOS setting and didn’t see anything unusual, reformatted the hard drive. Am I missing something? I’ve tried formatting the drive in Fat32 and NTFS.

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      Reply To: Athlon processor and Win 2000

      by csmith ·

      In reply to Athlon processor and Win 2000

      This could be the page size extension problem, or the S3 problem.
      The page size extension problem is in Win2K, and was fixed by an update.

      The S3 problem is caused by incompatabilities in the Video Card Driver with Win2K.
      The fix is using an updated videocard driver.

      Usual first test to determine cause; swap videocard to different chip.
      May not be relevent in your case, (corporate environment).

      Regards, Chris

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      Reply To: Athlon processor and Win 2000

      by its_reflexed ·

      In reply to Athlon processor and Win 2000


      So Your Having Problems With Windows 2k

      Well If A BSOD * Blue Screen Of Death

      Saying = Boot Device Is Inaccessible

      I Would To Restart The Computer
      Check The BIOS To Make Sure The CPU Is Not Clocked Up Af 2000+ XP Should Be Running At 133 In The Frequency Clock However I Dont Believe Its The CPU Bring The Problems I Just Suggest It Could Be As If The CPU Overheats Windows Does A Lot Of BSOD Errors One Minute 000000x0b then 000000×07 and all differnt such as irq_checksum


      Anyhow Try Checking The BIOS Out And Make Sure Everything Is In Order Tell The BIOS To Restore To Defaults/ Most Have A Fail Safe Restore That Would Be Recommended To Boot Windows To Suite Its Recovery However Try The DoS (Disk Operating System SRC (Startup Recovery Console) Hit F8 Before Verfication Of DMI (Desktop Management Inteface) To Get Into The SM/CMD/LGKC Choice Menu If Windows 2k Select Safe Mode

      This Way You Can Verify If It Is A Driver Conflict As Windows Dont Load Anything To Do With Drivers In Safe Mode Par From CPU/HDD/FDD Etc… To Resolve The Problem If Its Fine In Safe Mode The Consider Getting A Windows 2k Version With SP2/3 Or The Latest Or Burn One And Copy All Updates Into The i386 Folder In Order set the extension prompt to install them before loading windows, if all the other windows install anyway you know that its the os not your pc,

      windows 2k was a really good os, but had shut down problems and huge driver problems and are a lot of updates via

      try using the msconfig utily to control how windows acts to startup in normal mode to resolve the problem one by one then you can fix it


      Goodluck Pal

      Get Back To You Soon

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      Reply To: Athlon processor and Win 2000

      by jarrettc ·

      In reply to Athlon processor and Win 2000

      I’m running two systems running on an older Athlon Slot 1 and a newer Socket A, both are stable and have not encountered a BSOD yet. Windwos 2000 is much more picky in your hardware choices than the Win9x/ME/XP so I’d make sure Windows 2000 isn’t having an issue with one of the components you have installed.

      Check this document out for other reasons this error is being generated:;en-us;122926&Product=win2000

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      Reply To: Athlon processor and Win 2000

      by wlbowers ·

      In reply to Athlon processor and Win 2000

      Been there done that. This is directly from the Knowledge base. One of several articles on the subject of inacessable boot device:

      The driver for the embeded ide controller is not correct or loaded.

      Go to and search for Q287043.
      At the bottom of the page there are several more Q-numbers related to this error message.

      Good Luck

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      Reply To: Athlon processor and Win 2000

      by csmith ·

      In reply to Athlon processor and Win 2000

      Sorry about the previous answer.
      Skimmed. Missed the boot device part.
      Must need more sleep.

      When Win2K switches out of Int 13 to the 32 bit drivers, any driver in the chain can cause this error, so, if it is not the IDE driver, check the chipset driver. (Also called Bridge Drivers)
      (This particularly applies to VIA chipsets.)
      Regards, Chris
      P.S.(I assumed IDE, but this also applies to SCSI.)

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      Reply To: Athlon processor and Win 2000

      by jimjennings ·

      In reply to Athlon processor and Win 2000

      I had a similar problem that was caused by the chipset on the motherboard, not the processor. There were only certain video cards that could be used to avoid the problem. There was also a patch from AMD for some of the athlon chips available from their website.

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