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ATI -98/2K only boots w/ HW Accel. OFF

By Patio ·
I have a WinBook Z1 laptop (PIII 800, 128MB) with, for a video driver, an ATI Mobility 128 AGP 2X (English) that I've set up to dual boot
with Windows 98 and 2000 (brand new driver only installs).

Here's the problem: When I restart after a Win2Ksession and then choose to boot into Win98, it hangs right before getting into the GUI.
I've used msconfig to isolate that it definitely is the video driver. BUT...when you power off, reboot, choose Win98 goes into 98
just fine. And as long as you don't go back into 2000, it will reboot into 98 over and over again, just fine. Here's the kicker - I've figured out that if I completely turn off Win98 graphics hardware acceleration, it will reboot back and forth between the two OS' just fine, with no hangs.

I COULD live with having to turn on the acceleration, rebooting 98, and afterwards turning it back off before shutting down 98 each time - because I don't use it for gaming - but this problem is a major pain, nonetheless. And it would be nice to find a solution, before the case
of a client requiring it. Why the heck would the Windows 2000 session have ANY affect on the next Windows 98 session and it's video driver??

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