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A few months ago I took out my ATI 4850HD graph card to clean it, after powering up the PC again the control center never started, I've been trying to update, reinstall, check the graph card, prety much everything and it still doesnt start, I need it because I'm using 2 screens and I cant config them from the default win Vista control pannel do you have any idea about why is this happening?

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by robo_dev In reply to ATI CCC

ATI is not the best software company on the planet.

The CCC program is VERY picky about exactly what version of the Microsoft .NET framework you have installed. The .net framework upgrade process is like some sick have to upgrade the modules in the correct order and you cannot skip updates. If a Windows Update does something to the version, it may break .Net apps, like the POS CCC application.

Note that a Google search on:
ati ccc will not open
returns 96,000 hits.

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by esveto In reply to ATI CCC

I already checked a few posts in google and thats why Im asking here, I already reinstalled 3 times CCC if it was because of the .NET framework it would work after the reinstall and as I also said it stopped working after I cleaned the graph card

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