ATI Radeon 1300 512 Mb ram video card

By jenniemcp ·
help. Just bought new 22" LCD monitor. When playing DVDs,the monitor intermittently goes black, then grey, then resumes playback. Also does this in 3D preview in catalyst control centre, Was OK with 19" LCD .Refresh rate set to 60Hz. Should I instal latest graphics drivers or is this a monitor problem. Resolution 1680x1050. Cyberlink Power DVD 6 now also presents playback problem and closes down prompting me to send error report to MS.
Set up is Asrock 945 Intel chipset MOBO, Core 2 Duo E6603, 2.4GHz processor. Windows XP Pro. 2GB RAM. What should I do?

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Re-Seat Video Card

by TheChas In reply to ATI Radeon 1300 512 Mb r ...

If it was just a monitor problem, I would not expect software to crash.

My first step would be to shut the computer down and reseat the video card in it's socket. Changing the video cable might have wiggled the card just enough so it is not fully seated.

Next, make sure that Windows is recognizing the new monitor correctly. Whenever possible, use the monitor manufactures driver. That way, you can't use unsupported modes.

you still have problems, if possible, try the old monitor, or at least a different monitor and see if that clears up the problems.


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thanks but no success

by jenniemcp In reply to Re-Seat Video Card

Did what you suggested. Reseated card. Turned on PC and now get "no signal input", monitor goes to standby. No boot, no beeps. Tried old monitor same thing. Tried new monitor on old Pc with nVidia GeForce 6600- beautiful. PS Cyberlink PowerDVD started working again later on the other E6600 PC but with the same intermittent black screen, picture, flickering between. No such probs on other PC. Can I try the nVidia card in the PC with the dodgy card, without risking it too? Do I have to uninstall ATI drivers first? Any help appreciated. Ta

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