ATI Radeon 4350 good for small form factor PC?

By manny.rubero ·
A friend of mine recently purchased a Gateway small form factor PC from best buy. He wants to know what graphics card would be able to fit in it. I did some looking and I found the ATI 4350. Would that be a good choice for an upgrade and would it fit?

Here are the dimensions of the case & product page:

Product Height
Product Width
Product Weight
12 lbs.
Product Depth

PS - He wants the card for 1080p HD playback and vista aero.

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You need to look at the Video Card not just the Chip Set here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to ATI Radeon 4350 good for ...

You need a Low Profile PCI Exp tress Video Card and the 4350 is a Chip Set type that can be assembled onto any Circuit Board.

Instead of looking at the Chip Set you need to look at the assembled Circuit Board so look for a PCI-E X 16 in a Low Profile Video Card.

Something like the one shown here is what you need though you will have to change the Back Panel Mounting Plate. So make sure that what you buy comes with Low Profile Backing Plate/s.


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Don't forget that the Radeon 4350 uses Hypermemory ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to ATI Radeon 4350 good for ...

So whatever amount of VRAM it claims to have - it only has HALF that amount actually onboard. It pinches the other half from the RAM fitted to the system motherboard.

"HyperMemory offers significant cost reduction to low-end video cards because of the reduction in trace complexity on the video card PCB, and a reduction in the amount of RAM needed on the card. The solution offers excellent performance for 2D acceleration tasks while also maintaining adequate memory speed capable of playing some modern 3D game titles with reduced quality. A video card with hyper memory typically is slower in 3d benchmarks than a similar video card which has its own discrete video memory."

In some high graphics applications this CAN cause a problem, with users desperately attempting to disable the hypermemory.

However, as OH Smeg said, you'll need a card with a short bracket mounted on the card. Here's an idea of what it looks like:

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