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ATI Radeon AIW 7500 poor video capture

By pilz88 ·
I have phoned and emailed ATI regarding poor TV video clip recordings but they have yet to reply after 1 month.Well, i gave up on them and hopefully someone can help me?Only the first video clip is ok but the subsequent ones are very poor with big pixels the size of postage stamps!I noticed that if there was an interval of 10 mins between recordings,then the subsequent ones are ok.But why?I don't want to record commercials!Any suggestions will be welcomed.

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by TheChas In reply to ATI Radeon AIW 7500 poor ...

My best 'guess' is that you don't have enough resources available.

Are you using a fixed size page file?

If so, that is your likely problem source.

For what you are doing, 10GB may not be enough free hard drive space for the page file.

Start by running System or Performance monitor and take a look at real and virtual memory utilization just after capturing a clip.

I suspect that virtual memory usage will be near maximum.

As time goes by, virtual memory will clear and you can capture a clip at full resolution again.

If you are running Windows XP:

Increase your system RAM to all your motherboard can hold.

Add an additional hard drive of at least 20GB and dedicate it for use by the page file.
(Virtual Memory)

You might see some improvement if you set a fixed page file sized for at least 2 times the maximum you see in performance monitor.


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by pilz88 In reply to

Thanks Chas but i am a beginner in computers and could understand half of what you said.I have trouble understanding fixed size page file and virtual memory utilization,sorry.But what i do know is that i must click the "X" on the top right of the tv Window and it will totally close.After that, i quickly click on the TV tab on top right to get the TV window again to get ready for the next recording.I don't know why but it works better than waiting 10 mins!Also i had this problem even when i had a new pc,that is 60 GB HDD and 256 DDR RAM.Running ATI multimedia center system compatibility check indicated poor sound card clock stability of 0.65% (+_0.2% is acceptable)and even after downloading the ati drivers and catalyst did not help but worsened it!

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by carlos.nino In reply to ATI Radeon AIW 7500 poor ...

The Card could be overheating. Check the temperature before startin a video capture, and after the capture ends. That could be why after 10 minutes you can record OK. If the problem is the temperature, check if the fan is working. It also could be a deffective card.

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by TheChas In reply to ATI Radeon AIW 7500 poor ...

Okay, I can walk you through the tests and settings that I mentioned, but I need to know which version of Windows you are running.

If you are running Windows 2000 or XP, I would start by adding at least 500MB, and preferably 1GB of RAM to your system.


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by pilz88 In reply to

Thanks carlos.nino for the reply.Temp is ok cos when i record a clip lasting 20 seconds and stop and record another clip for 10 seconds,the second clip is full of large pixels.But if totally close the TV pane and open again for 10 mins, both first and second are of excellent quality.So i have go totally close the TV pane in between recordings which is ridiculous!Maybe i have a defective ATI card!ATI hasn't answered my questions since 1st Dec!

Also Cas,here are my specs:

ASUS P4PE/ACPI BIOS REVISION 1002/LAN/1394/Intel845PE Chipset/DDR333/DDR RAM/10/100 LAN-ATA 133..S/PDIF,



Local Disk: 60 GB MAXTOR 6Y60L0


I am not sure if 256MB or 60GB is the problem cos even when i started at 55GB i already had the problem or even i don't run anything in the backgorund.

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