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ATI Video cards

By jtfutbal ·
brief history. did regular maintenance on a tower. cleaned it. the thing was filled with nothing but dust and webs. then i put it back together. started it up and all the hardware drivers were dumped.

Its official. I hate ATI. If you don't have the disk for you ATI video card you can forget getting the drivers. ATI has got with some companies and putting together Driver bundles. They advertise it as a free download. Thats all it is. You download the driverboot it runs and scans your hardware looking for anything ATI. It tells you what you are missing and then ask for a product key. I have an ATI video card that i ran in circles trying to find. The only way that i could get them from this ATI driverboot. which in my professional opinion is bs.

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Well first things first if you want a answer here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to ATI Video cards

You should have posted this as a Question not a Discussion.

But did you bother trying the ATI Web Site? As ATI is now owned by AMD you need to look there for the Official Drivers and available Downloads. I have not have any problems downloading the drivers required from there ever.


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My dear man

by santeewelding In reply to Well first things first i ...

You do so deflate the greatest of expectations and exultations with the simplest and most disarming of the factual.

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What can I say

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to My dear man

I avoid the Smoke from Plycraft Welding rods.

I used to observe the Fitter who loved those things and he was Genuinely Scary. The one that got to me was when he fitted a Ducati Crank Shaft to a Lathe to cut a Thread on it. I didn't so much care that it was in a 21 Foot Bed Lathe for something 19 inches long it may have been a bit of overkill but it was handy at the time and not being used for other things so maybe it was acceptable.

The fact that the thing was complete with a Con Rod and he was spinning it way too fast was what worried me much more. :^0

What I did find interesting was him attempting to justify his actions when all he was doing was trying it that way to see what would happen. He then when finished resorted back to lots of Plycraft Smoke. :0

But on a more serious note here it sounds to me as if the OP instead of looking on AMD Site has just jumped on a General Drivers Site or several who want to get paid for hosting these drivers and suck people in by advertising the Free Utility to find out what is actually installed int he system. After all it saves looking at the Hardware or running a Utility like Unknown Device Identifier.


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by jtfutbal In reply to Well first things first i ...

I tried went to the website and they want you to download that driverboot.

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by JamesRL In reply to ATI WEBSITE

At the ATI site, you can chose the bundle with the ATI Catalyst Control Centre (CCC) and the driver or just the driver alone. All you really need is the driver, unless you want to overclock, change the color calibration etc.


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by jtfutbal In reply to Options

i have looked on the website and every time I clicked on the driver that i needed they wanted me to download the boot

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Now that I know you have a 9200

by JamesRL In reply to options-reply

Yes that appears to be the only option.

Did you uninstall any previous versions of ATI drivers? This could be causing issues (it happends with nVidia too by the way).


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ATI 9200

by jtfutbal In reply to Now that I know you have ...

The only drivers that I install are specific to that . Does that answer your question?

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Not yet

by JamesRL In reply to ATI 9200

Some installers have problems when installing over themselves or previous versions. Did you eliminate all ATI video drivers before installing the new one you downloaded?


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Driver Dump

by jtfutbal In reply to ATI 9200

After I got everything put back together there was no driver for the video card

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