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    Atomic Time Synch


    by d.jones092 ·

    Has anyone ever used Atomic Time synch? It’s a shareware program from Analog X. We have installed it in our central office: 3 Win2k Servers, 1 Netware 4.2 server, mixed bag of 98 and 2k clients, connected to Cisco 10/100 switches, going to the net via a Cisco 827 ADSL modem/router.

    The product is installed on our Active Directory PDC, configured to use NTP server, which it has no problem getting. The client machines we have installed it on are having no problem pointing to the server and getting their time via the program (the program needs to be pointed via IP address, so it’s configured using the server IP, No problem here.

    In our remote location(s) we have 1 Win2k Server and mixed client bag, 98 and 2K Pro, misc 10/100 switches, going out via Cayman routers. The server piece is fine, again pointing to However, the client machines will not synchronize with the server using this software. Getting “unable to contact server” error message.

    Anyone ever use this software?

    Thanks for any info.

    Dennis Jones

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      by gigelul ·

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      In our network we synchronize only one server and then all computers are syncronized with this server.
      About “Atomic Time Sync”:
      – I had problems with this program. Two times it set our time/date server at the previous day date.
      – Now I use “DS Clock” from without any problem. It have an option which let you to choose to synchronize date and time or only the time.

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      by d.jones092 ·

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