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Attach an image to email using CDONTS

By alexdeveza-work ·
In Visual Basic, using CDONTS.DLL to send e-mail, how do I inbed an image on the body of the message?

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by Jaqui In reply to Attach an image to email ...

why would you want to?

email should only be plain text, not html

I don't read email that is html, I delete it.
if there is a proprietary file format attachment, I send:
this file format is not 100% readable, it is proprietary, send in plain text format.

besides the data transfer usage being wasted by html email is being frowned upon by regulatory bodies.

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How to attach an image with the body of message

by sharma_mukesh453 In reply to Attach an image to email ...

I wanna know that :
Suppose i have multipal images in list box and i am showing them in sequence by a vb project and i made a button bottom on the image and here i want to send or attach this image with the body parts of auto email function it is either in MS Outlook and any other supporting software.

Please get me out from the problem that i have given or explained above for your reference.

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