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attachment format

By hal5525 ·
I received an answer to email saying they could not read attachment file because they did not have word perfect??they asked that I send attachment in text form??I had sent the email via hotmail.Whats up with that?how should the attachment be sent?

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name of attachment and version of word, wordperfect

by Black Panther In reply to attachment format

what was the extension of the attachment you sent ie ????.doc or ???.wpd or something else

Did you use Word or Wordperfect to create the document??

If you used Wordperfect and the person on the other end does not use wordperfect or has different outdated versions they may not be able to read or convert it.

ie depending on versions;en-us;2**451&sd=tech

If you did use Wordperfect and don't have Word you will need to save it differently as a .txt extension.

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file extension

by hal5525 In reply to name of attachment and ve ...

thanks the extension was wps???

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by ozi Eagle In reply to attachment format


Get yourself a pdf creator and send all attachments in pdf format.

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hey, count your lucky stars..

by Jaqui In reply to attachment format

I reject anything with an attachment unless 1 of 2 conditions is met.
1) I am expecting it from that address
2) I know the person sending it

I never want to see anything but plain text for documents, if I am supposed to alter them.
html only for spreadsheet type data
if it's a resume, pdf.
if it's a brochure, pdf

if you send html formatted email, it's rejected as spam.

plain text.

the fancy features are a waste of data transfer capacity, time and money.

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email format

by hal5525 In reply to hey, count your lucky sta ...

thanks for your help. item i sent was a resume. how do I create one in pdf?
can I send via hotmail in pdf

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