Attachment woes

By paul_442004 ·
Does anyone know if there is a way to attach more than one file at a time in Hotmail,or any mail, for that matter? I send a lot of documents for the same invoice but because of the format they are in I have to attach each file individually. By that I mean that some files are in Word, Excell, and .pdf. I would prefer them to be all in the same format but I have not been able to scan documents to a word program without getting a lot of gibberish. I have been informed that this is an OCR problem, but as of yet, I have not been instructed as to how to eliminate this issue. I am thinking that I will be stuck attaching each file seperately. One more thing, I noticed that Windows Live Mail for Firefox(Mozilla) does not have all the features that are in Internet Explorer. For example, Firefox does not offer cut,copy, paste, or a spell check and thesuarus. Any ideas if they are going to add these features?
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You could

by jdmercha In reply to Attachment woes

Put all the files into a zip file, then just attach the one zip file.

Nuy Adobe Acrobat and convert all the documents to pdf.

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Use a mail client

by TheChas In reply to Attachment woes

If you use a mail client like Outlook or Outlook Express to access your mail account, you can attach multiple files.

I also believe that I have attached multiple files with both my Yahoo and GMail accounts.

As far as your issues with Windows Live Mail and Firefox, the first thing to try is to install the ActiveX add-on for Firefox.

Next, keep in mind that Microsoft will write code for it's web-sites that use features that are specific to Internet Explorer.

As far as other options for Firefox, check out the Add-Ons page for Firefox:


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