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    attchments, .wps/.doc file types to open easily


    by rivrbyte ·

    Can anyone please tell me what is the preferred universal file type to send as an attachment (like a resume,letter .doc ) to someone whether or not they have Microsoft Works 7.0 (Wordperfect) or Microsoft Word 2000. By saving a document as a “Word Document” in any application?

    I didn’t know if “saving as”,and “sending” as an adobe PDF file,HTLM,web page,or Word 6.0,or just a word Document and attach to a e-mail message.

    I guess the person on the other end has to have the application to open up and read it. Thanks! 🙂

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      best attachment

      by drsaver ·

      In reply to attchments, .wps/.doc file types to open easily

      If you dont know what the person has all document editors can say as .RTF this can be opened by any editor as far as i know the bad part is it doesnot keep formatting .doc is opened by most word, works wordperfect, sun office this will keep the formatting to a degree.

      hope this helps

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